And we’ll never be lonely any more….

On 25 May 2014, my life became a whole lot sweeter: The Mister got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He arranged a photo shoot with our friend who is an amateur photographer with Vinnie calling me a week before to arrange, telling me he was doing an assignment of couples for his photography club. I couldn’t hear Vinnie smiling when he was talking to me, so I believed every word he said. When Vinnie asked if we were available on the 24th or the 25th, I turned and asked The Mister who said that we should do the 25th because it wouldn’t look very good if we did it on the 24th. Straight away my senses heightened: why wouldn’t it look good if we did the photo shoot on the 24th? How would that impact his uncle’s 60th birthday celebrations?

Vinnie asked us to bring a book each, and a ring box because he wanted to do a mock proposal. I had to laugh at that because I knew that The Mister had purchased an engagement ring (how to have a heart attack: log into your bank account, see that money is missing THAT YOU DID NOT HAVE TWO DAYS AGO, trawl through the accounts to make sure you haven’t been hacked, then put two and two together). But, I did not know when it was going to happen. We had to go on a mission to find a ring box because I didn’t have one at all. He also asked if I had anything that looked like an engagement ring. I didn’t, but we improvised.

We went to The Mister’s uncle’s birthday celebrations on the 24th, but had to leave soon after speeches as we had an early start. I’d asked Vinnie if he wanted me in any particular clothing and if he wanted me to do my hair and make up. He said yes, he wanted me to be myself, and that meant I needed to be up at 7am for an 8:30 shoot. I put my hair in pin curls before bed, and woke in the morning to find the ground wet. I did not put my hair in curls to have them destroyed by rain: I was this close to calling Vinnie and cancelling. What struck me as odd though was the fact that The Mister practically bounced out of bed and got ready. He is NOT a morning person. I was a little suspicious as he kept bounding about the house whilst getting ready, but I attributed his perkiness to the fact we hadn’t seen Vinnie for 4 months.

Unfortunately, I was running slightly late. Only 10 minutes but I don’t like to be late. Thankfully we were meeting in the St Kilda Botanical Gardens just a 2 minute drive from home. The ground was dewy, the sun was shining, and although it was a little fresh, it was beautiful to be in the gardens so early in the day.

We moved around to the conservatory because the sun made me squint and Vinnie couldn’t get nice mock proposal shots.

Just after this shot was taken, my eyes decided to have an awful reaction to either my make up or the air or a combination of both. I had to turn away from The Mister and Vinnie and try not to claw out my eyes. As I turned back around, the first thing I noticed was The Mister had closed the ring box. I fast put my excitement at bay: We were next to a fish pond and he could be a bit of a klutz so he was just protecting my dress ring that we were using.

Little did I know…

Yes, I realised right away what was going on as soon as The Mister opened that little white box and that was my reaction. Neither Vinnie nor The Mister could believe how quickly I reacted, but I was looking directly at that box as Vinnie had told me earlier that he would be shooting my reaction as if I was being proposed to.

If you didn’t know any better, you’d think this was in a lush tropical rainforest rather than the St Kilda Botanical Gardens Conservatory.

This is my favourite of them all and what we used on our engagement thank yous.

We hugged, we kissed, we hugged some more with Vinnie, and then Vinnie took us out for breakfast. I asked the boys how my make up was and they told me my lipstick was smeared. What they failed to tell me was I looked like The Joker.

My beautiful Ceylon sapphire. Blue is my favourite colour, and I’d always dreamed of a sapphire, so I was so overjoyed when I saw what The Mister had picked and had made especially for me.

This is the one that shows how I channelled The Joker. My right cheek. Horrid.

Why am I only telling you our engagement story now? Today is the six month mark until we wed. We’ve got all of the major decisions locked down, and it’s just the finer details that need be confirmed. I’d love to show you all my dress, it’s an original 1950s lace dress, but it’s a secret. I purchased it from Rust Belt Threads on etsy for the bargain price of $145 including postage!

Shoes, glorious shoes! I had planned on getting custom shoes from Shoes of Prey as I can’t wear heels in the proper sense of the word, and finding kitten/small heels in women’s shoes to my taste and budget is nigh on impossible. Then I decided to look at a kids’ shoe shop. I’ve just got a regular size foot, a ladies 7, but that is the equivalent of a senior girls’ 5 or 6, depending on the cut of the shoe. I found my shoes in the first kids’ shop I walked in, and saved myself a huge $180 by not having them custom made.

I’ve still got to purchase undergarments, and I’ll more than likely go with fully fashioned stockings from What Katie Did but I need to try my dress on and figure out what I’ll need in the way of a petticoat.

Our ceremony is being held at 10:30am on a Sunday at the end of winter at the beautiful Medley Hall. Trying to find images of our venue is like pulling hens’ teeth. I’ve had to pull these photos from Air BnB. I can’t wait to see how our gorgeous photographer Clare Metcalfe captures it!

We’ll be married in the formal music room (centre) by the fabulous Nicola Jones-Lumby, and serving refreshments after in the contemporary foyer.
Again, shying away from a typical and traditional wedding, we’re having our wedding reception lunch at both Victoria and Metropolitan Melbourne’s 2014 award-winning bistro, The Malvern Hotel. The period features, the natural light and the gorgeous timber flooring and tables are everything we were after in a reception venue. And if it wasn’t perfect enough, our neighbour is the Executive Chef.
The beautiful Petti from Sweet Pea Events is styling our wedding. I do a lot of work with Petti through my other love, Little Goldfish Invitations & Stationery, and I was over the moon when she came on board. I’m definitely looking forward to working with her to create our perfect setting.

I can’t wait for August to roll around. May seems so long ago, and although we’ve still got lots of the finer details to refine, because we’ve got the big things ticked off, it seems as though we’ll be smooth sailing from now until August.


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