On the move: A new home for Alexie RicRac

My dream for Alexie RicRac has always been to write about living life as someone who pursues the simplicity and the style of bygone eras, as well as incorporating my values of sustainable living. You may have noticed I haven’t really written much about ‘sustainable living’ but for the most part my posts definitely have an undertone of leading a sustainable life. When I started this little blog at the end of 2014, the plan to turn it into a website was always on the cards. As Alexie RicRac readies itself for the next phase of its journey, it is time to make the move to a self-hosted site.

I’m still updating my Bloglovin’ links – I need to write a post from my new address before it will recognise it is a blog, so please make sure you update your bookmarks with the new address – www.alexiericrac.com.au.

I can’t wait to share the next part of my journey with you, and hope you continue to enjoy being a part of the ride.


4 thoughts on “On the move: A new home for Alexie RicRac

      • Katie Writes Stuff says:

        Just to let you know: I tried to leave a comment on your new blog by logging in with my wordpress account, but it wouldn’t let me. It also doesn’t give me an option to create an account specifically for your site, so I’m kind of lost! Would it be possible to open it up for normal or moderated comments? I’d really like to keep supporting your blog.

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  1. alexiericrac says:

    Thanks Katie for letting me know. I’ll follow this up, I’m still trying to figure things out with the new side of things. I’ve just disabled a plugin that may have been stopping you so hopefully that will be a start! x


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