Slow down, you move too fast…

If you’re a music fan, you’ll recognise the title of today’s post as the opening line of Simon and Garfunkel’s The 59th Street Bridge Song. Really though, time is going way too fast, and it doesn’t seem to matter how organised I am, there are simply not enough hours in the day. Age old cry, I know, but right now I really could do with just one 168 hour days (not a random number, that’s actually how many hours there are in a week). Before I know it, it’s Monday again.

The Mamas and The Papas sang about Mondays perfectly: no guarantees, doesn’t give you any warning of what was to be, you can’t trust it, it won’t go away, and leaves you in tears. Despite my philosophical state on Saturday, Monday rolls around every week and while I’m ordinarily organised and ready for the week, today (yes, I’m writing this on Monday morning!) I’m feeling rather bleak and tired.

I’ve got four weeks left until I finish my small business course. Not only that, I’m also doing my final subject at university. With the exception of travel time and lunch, roughly 2-3 hours of the day, I’m in a classroom from 09:30 until 20:30 every Monday. There’s lots of independent study too, so most of the nights and any other time I have away from the classroom is spent with my head in my business plan or uni assignments.

You might remember I wrote about wanting to be more organised and slow down in 2015. The organisation has not gone out the window, but the slowing down sure did! I have to be more organised in order to keep up with the hectic schedule, but I keep forgetting to schedule time for blog research and writing. Ironic really seeing as how an integral part of my small business course is writing a schedule to guide you in your week-to-week business operations. It wasn’t until last week that I realised that I can even schedule shopping for new products. That’s right, paying myself to go shopping! Rest assured, I will be sitting down to revisit my schedule to incorporate shopping time, and also to reassess how much time I dedicate to blogging, and when.

For now, it’s back to the business plan. I have to do a whole lot of work in the next hour and a half instead of procrastinate (one of the weaknesses I identified in my SWOT analysis.). Writing this blog post is both an important business tool, and it is also a procrastination tool instead of doing my business plan!

If you see me procrastinating, push me in the right direction please?


One thought on “Slow down, you move too fast…

  1. Katie Writes Stuff says:

    Procrastination is such a time-eater but it’s so easy to do! Good luck with all of your studying and scheduling. I’m sure you’ll have it sorted out in no time.

    P.S. I like the way you turned procrastination into something fun and productive. Perhaps that’s the trick: sneak up on procrastination so it doesn’t realise it’s no longer happening any more…


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