Brighton Beach Bathing Box Beauties

It’s been hot and humid in Melbourne this week. On Thursday, I took a friend to the Brighton Bathing Boxes. Though he was born in country Victoria, he spent most of his life in and around London and hadn’t ever seen the beauties that adorn a beach so close to my home. Though humid, it was the beginning of the cool change forecast for the long weekend. Continue reading

Summer's here, let's play!

Shopping: New Year’s Day Finds

And just like that, it’s 2015! Happy New Year to you all. I hope however you marked the occasion was just as you planned. We aren’t really into celebrating New Year, so we stayed in watching Across the Universe eating home made pizza and garlic bread, and were in bed just after 23:30. We heard loads of fireworks (official and crackers being let off in residential areas nearby) ring in the year, and dozed off soon after that. Continue reading