So long and farewell: The Beatles’ last performance

Forty six years ago, on 30 January 1969, the world of live music became a lesser place as The Beatles called it a day on public performances. Their final performance wasn’t just any performance either – it was a rooftop concert atop Apple headquarters at 3 Savile Row, the Beatles’ own multimedia company. Though the group went on to record their final album Abbey Road, released 26 September 1969, they never performed live again, and later unofficially disbanded in November 1969. Continue reading


School Day Fashions

Here in Victoria, today is the first day of school for the year. Lots of kids will be starting kinder/pre-school, lots will be starting primary school or high school, for some it will be their final year of either primary or high school. Of course, let’s not forget those starting the next grade, or even at a new school. I’ve been the new kid at a new school before – my final year of VCE. That was a daunting experience walking into the year 12 common room; a room exclusively for final year high school students and their lockers, which was greater than the whole student body at my old school. It’ll be a little while until I experience the first school day of the year as a parent, but I do remember walking into my classroom for the very first time as an almost 6 year old in 1990. Continue reading

Australia Day Long Weekend

It’s a long weekend here in Australia as we recognise the settlement of white man back in 1788. For some it is a day of celebration, and for our native people it is a day of mixed emotions, with a great deal of Aborigines using the day to voice their sadness and disappointment at the failure to recognise Aboriginal people as the first settlers of Australia. Continue reading

Settling in to my new skin

Well, it’s not really my skin so much as the blog’s, but finally I have found a theme that I’m comfortable with. Although I’m only new to blogging, I hadn’t found a WordPress theme I was totally comfortable with. Despite being a vintage blogger I wanted something sleek and easy to navigate, something that was elegant and displayed images eloquently.  Continue reading

A League of Their Own: Happy Birthday, Geena Davis.

Last night, I wrote a post about my love for Geena Davis’ film, A League of Their Own. I was pretty happy with it too, and then this morning when I woke up to make sure it had posted as scheduled (I’m still trying to figure out the best time to schedule a post), it had completely vanished! Cue a frantic me trying to find it, trying to figure out why tomorrow’s post has a movie still from ALOTO in the back-end preview, but not in the post itself. In the end, I just gave up and started again. Continue reading