What I Wore: Black Tie Wedding

Over the weekend, we celebrated The Mister’s step-sister’s wedding. It was such a beautiful occasion and for a summer wedding, the weather was quite mild at around 20 to 25 degrees. A black tie affair, I had both difficulty and fun selecting an outfit to wear. The first dress was far too big because I wasn’t paying attention when ordering online. The second dress was still a little too big but nothing that couldn’t be altered, however finding accessories was a bit of a drama. Two days before the wedding I finally found the perfect bracelet and hair barette to match the brooch that came with the dress, and the gorgeous Coro earrings I found on eBay.

Vintage and Vintage Inspired Jewellery1. Wide Diamante Strip, Equip 2. Diamante Twist Barette Clip, Equip 3. Vintage Coro Earrings, eBay

The night before the wedding, as the clock fast approached midnight, I realised that what I would be wearing in the evening would not suffice at synagogue, regardless of whether or not I had a shawl or wrap to cover my shoulders. More panic and chaos ensued as I tried to find an outfit. I hadn’t planned on wearing two outfits, you see, and didn’t really have anything that was wedding appropriate in my wardrobe. I ended up going to the pile of clothes I was getting rid of, and dug out the brand new dress I purchased to wear to my brother’s April wedding. With a corset, the dress sat nice enough that I could wear it to synagogue, but I still felt uncomfortable. The Mister assured me I looked fine, and I trust his judgement. What do you think?

Ceremony Outfit

We had about an hour and a half to get home from synagogue and freshen up for and travel to the reception. In this time we ate lunch, I wrote in the card, The Mister relaxed on the computer, and I changed my entire outfit. We had to be at the reception venue at 5pm for family photos in our black tie outfits.

I’ve only got one full length shot of me in my reception outfit that was taken by someone else as we were having family photos, and a few selfies, but hopefully once the professional wedding shots arrive to my new sister and brother in law, I can show you some better shots of my outfit.

Reception outfit

I wore the Midnight Mambo in Shadow from ModCloth. It was a little too big, but a family friend is a seamstress so I had her take it in and now it’s the perfect fit. I ordered a 1X, but probably could have gotten away with the XL in hindsight. The dress is very well made and despite all its layers is quite comfortable to wear. It fell a little lower than mid calf on me, just where I like my dresses to fall, especially for formal events. I can’t wait to wear it again, and again, and again. Definitely a new favourite.
I was very happy with how my hair and make up turned out too, given I’m not particularly adept at formal hair and make up.

The Bride's siblings, their partners, and cousins

How beautiful is my new sister?! As a fashion designer, she said to her mum that she’d regret not making her dress, so guess what? She made her wedding dress! She did all the beading by hand. What a talented young woman she is. From left to right, in case you’re wondering: The Mister’s sister in law, The Mister’s brother, The Mister, yours truly, The Mister’s step brother, The Bride, The Groom, Bride’s half sister, Bride’s half sister, Bride’s cousin, The Mister’s cousin, The Mister’s cousin.

And just for good measure to show how much fun we had, here we are in the photo booth! The Mister insisted on the first lot being in colour and with props. I insisted the second one be in black and white and without props (though someone before us gave The Mister the glitter top hat as they walked out and we walked in). Guess which strip The Mister prefers?!

Photobooth fun


2 thoughts on “What I Wore: Black Tie Wedding

  1. Katie Writes Stuff says:

    Both outfits look super classy! I love the way you did your hair, too. As much as I love a photograph with a good prop or two, my favourite strip is definitely the black and white one. It seriously looks as though it came right from the 1950s!

    Liked by 1 person

    • alexiericrac says:

      Why thank you Katie! I hadn’t done a pin curl set for a little while, so was quite impressed how well it turned out. The black and white strip is my favourite too, and funnily enough The Mister’s also; I certainly felt like I stepped right out of the 1950s.


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