A Little Piece of History in Every Home: Tupperware turns 69

This is not a sponsored post. I just love Tupperware.

Fact: I have been a Tupperware demonstrator, twice. I would do it again too if I could carry/wheel the products to a demonstration. I was not quite 19 when I went to my first Tupperware demonstration, and not long after was when I became a demonstrator. It’s the only Plastic Fantastic I have, that I will always love, and to be honest, I love it so much I could sell it underwater with a mouthful of marbles!

The founder of Tupperware, Earl Tupper, developed the plastic in the late 1930s, but it wasn’t until after the war that his product became a reality, and a household name. You can read more about Tupperware’s history here. In 1946, Earl Tupper’s plastic wares started to make their way into homes all across America, and then it took over the world. What started as a way to keep your foods fresher longer with their fabulous watertight and airtight seals is now a multi-national company (whose Australian HQ is situated here in Melbourne!) famous for their Lifetime Guarantee.

A week or two ago, I was looking at the Autumn/Winter catalogue for Tupperware Australia/New Zealand online. I fawned over the new Kitchen Preparation Tools range, and the seasonal addition of the UltraPro series, and then I flicked through a few pages and found the Heat ‘N Eat range is now a gorgeous sapphire blue kind of colour. I have them from their original Rock ‘N Serve days in a few different colours (light blue with a yellow vent, clear with a black seal, and then the first Heat ‘N Eat orange colour). I tell you, I just about wet myself over those gorgeous Heat ‘N Eat containers. I showed The Mister The Weekday Set. He is a total Tupperware convert too since meeting me. He admired the beauty of the containers, then he saw the price. I pointed out The Weekday Set is comprised of eight containers – 5 x 600mL capacity (we have 6 of this size and do not have enough), 1 x 1L capacity, and 2 x 500mL soup mugs, so when you average out the price of the set ($199) per container, it’s $25. Then you work out how often you use it, how many lunches or dinners you have in the freezer ready to go once thawed, how much food you haven’t thrown out and I can absolutely guarantee you that your $25 per container would average out to less than 2.5c per use over the lifetime of the container.

But wait, there’s more. Flick a few pages further to the BAKE section of the catalogue and you find my most favourite range of all: TupperChef Forms in the SAME COLOUR BLUE. I am crazy for blue you see, and if you saw my Facebook post the day I was looking at the catalogue, you’d have seen that I did squee out loud. The Mister laughed at me and told me he’d never heard anyone actually squee; and nor had I until that point.

Putting on my demonstrator hat here, TupperChef Forms can go from freezer to oven. They are made from a polymer silicon that allows them to withstand temperatures from as low as -25C to 220C. They bend, they fold, they wrap, they squeeze, making them easy to store them away – no more falling oven trays at your feet when you open the cupboard door. They’re freezer safe, conventional oven safe, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe (though I do recommend washing by hand).
As much as I would love to upgrade my original red TupperChef Forms, they’re still going strong so there’s no need to purchase what I already have. I have a sneaking suspicion I’ll be adding this beauty to my collection later this year: the TupCakes Set. I don’t have this one yet so it will be a most welcome addition.

For now, I’m going to leave you with this fabulous advert from 1950s America demonstrating none other than my beloved Tupperware. For more amazing historical videos like this one, please see Historia – Bel99TV’s YouTube channel.

And, just in case that doesn’t excite you, there is a little film called Brownie Wise coming out in 2016. Brownie Wise is the brains behind the Tupperware party. You can read more about her here and here. I know I’m looking forward to it and would actually go to the cinema to see it.

Have you ever had a Tupperware party? Do you have a favourite Tupperware product that you swear by? Feel free to share it with me!


2 thoughts on “A Little Piece of History in Every Home: Tupperware turns 69

  1. Katie Writes Stuff says:

    It’s amazing that it’s still just as popular as it was back in the fifties and sixties. I have but a small Tupperware collection and it’s all coming from my mother-in-law, who’s trying to clear out her house somewhat. Everyone loves the old stuff – I bought some biscuits to work in one of the lemon yellow containers and EVERYONE commented on it. Wait ’til they see the bright orange one I was given on the weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    • alexiericrac says:

      I know exactly what you mean. There will always be people who love it, despite its ebbs and flows.
      The old stuff is incredible! I have a few pieces that I’m going to list for sale soon – a complete set of original Servalier Bowls in fairly good condition for their age – around 40 odd years! I wonder if your orange one is the same colour as mine?


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