What to Wear Wednesday #6

Better late than never, right? This week’s What to Wear Wednesday styled outfit is late out of the gates due to extenuating circumstances but I couldn’t not deliver. My sincere apologies for the tardiness.

At TAFE, Wednesday is all about learning how to manage your business finances so of course my head is in a spin trying to absorb all that is taught to us. It also made me think about what I’d wear to an all-important finance meeting. I thought I’d go for strong yet feminine: dark blues with hints of pastel pink and pastel blue.

Office Styling

1. Cardi | 2. Skirt | 3. Bag | 4. Top | 5. Shoes | 6. Earrings | 7. Bracelet

If money wasn’t an issue, and I didn’t have a conscience about contributing to waste through purchasing new clothes all the time, I would build my corporate wardrobe (assuming I ever return to the corporate world of course) from the racks at Review. The classic feminine lines, the prints, the colours: they all make me swoon.

Where is somewhere you would shop, no questions asked, if money allowed?


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