What to Wear Wednesday #4

Summer is officially over here in the southern hemisphere now that it’s March so that means it’s time to start thinking about layering your wardrobe and dressing a little warmer. This week, I wanted to spend my imaginary pennies at British online shop Dorothy Perkins. With the change of seasons here for the cooler, it means that all the wintry beauties from the northern hemisphere are on clearance. And, an added bonus about Dorothy Perkins is that you can buy a whole outfit for a fairly decent sum of your hard-earned cash.

Autumn Layering

1. Cardi | 2. Cami | 3. Skirt | 4. Earrings | 5. Necklace | 6. Belt | 7. Shoes | 8. Tights | 9. Bag

Talking GBP (British Pound) including postage to Australia, this entire outfit will set you back £111.75. Talking Aussie Dollars, that’s roughly $223. Check out xe.com for up to date currency conversions.

This is something I’d wear anywhere in Melbourne during autumn. I’d probably wear it during winter too and style a gorgeous coat, scarf, gloves and umbrella with it. That’s the beauty about Melbourne: you can add and remove layers all year round. You get annoyed with it to begin, but after a little while it becomes the norm.
This outfit is perfect for the office, for shopping, for lunch, for dinner, for movies, for a show, for dancing, for meeting the in-laws. This outfit is a bit like Mary Poppins really: practically perfect in every way!


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