Brighton Beach Bathing Box Beauties

It’s been hot and humid in Melbourne this week. On Thursday, I took a friend to the Brighton Bathing Boxes. Though he was born in country Victoria, he spent most of his life in and around London and hadn’t ever seen the beauties that adorn a beach so close to my home. Though humid, it was the beginning of the cool change forecast for the long weekend.

While my friend snapped the bathing boxes and the horizon, I waded in the crystal clear water. Beautifully warm and clear, I could have frolicked in the water all afternoon, however I was not wearing my swimsuit (which I still need to show you and review!). Instead, I waded in the water thigh deep, the waves lapping at my shorts.
Walking in the sand and bathing my feet in the salt water have left my feet baby smooth, just in time for a family wedding next weekend.

The views to the city were amazing, as was the meeting of the clouds and the water on the horizon. There is such beauty in overcast days.

A beautiful horizon

Clouds meet water

Knee deep

Muted beach boxes

Muted me

Headscarf – op shop find
Earrings – op shop find
Sunglasses – Miz Smitten Kitten
Shirt – K-mart Australia
Shorts (wading image) – Revival by Dangerfield (summer 2013/2014)
Umbrella (tucked under arm) – Princess Highway by Dangerfield (winter 2014)


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