My week in musicals: ‘Across the Universe’ and ‘Almost Famous’

I’ve always loved music. My parents have educated me incredibly well, though as a child and possibly even a teen I don’t think I’d have ever admitted that. I am ashamed to admit that I did fall victim to the music of the ’90s and ’00s as a teen, and that sometimes I do still enjoy a little dance around the house to a ’90s or ’00s tune here and there, but I know that my musical education will continue for a long time to come.This week, I’ve been transported to both the 1960s and 1970s thanks to the wonderful technology that is the colour motion picture. Two brilliant films both showcasing fabulous music from both decades.First up, The Mister and I saw out 2014 with the 2007 Julie Taymor film ‘Across the Universe’. Without giving too much away, ‘Across the Universe’ is set in 1960s Britain and America. Jude, a young man from Liverpool, takes a journey to America to find his father, who he believes is a professor at Princeton University. To say that he’s disappointed his father is the prestigious university’s maintenance man is a little bit of an understatement. Jude goes on to meet Princeton’s number 1 prat, Max, and his pals. There is college boy antics and wonderful music and I’m stopping there because I know I’ll end up divulging too much. It’s an extraordinary journey of a young man in a time of discovery, understanding, revolution and love (as I can only imagine life in the ’60s was), all to the music of The Beatles. The Mister and I also made a fairly important decision whilst watching the film too, but that’s something to keep under wraps.

All You Need Is Love.

Source: IMDB

Friday was the first real hot day of summer, and we went to visit my parents. It was mum’s family Christmas on the Saturday. After an air conditioned journey, helping to set up the new pool for us the kids to lounge about in on the second real day of summer, and a delicious dinner with my parents, we sat down and enjoyed the beauty of ‘Almost Famous’. Now fifteen years old – yes, fifteen years – mum, The Mister, and I sat down and watched and sang along in unison. That declaration I made at the beginning about my parents giving me a wonderful musical education again rings true with this motion picture. In case you’ve not seen it, ‘Almost Famous’ is about an American teenage boy on a journey of fulfillment and discovery as he lands his first journalism gig for Rolling Stone following one of America’s up and coming rock bands, Stillwater in 1973. A journey of rock and roll and all the adventures, or misadventures, await William on tour, all the while his mother is constantly calling to check up on him.
Towards the end of the film, Jimmy Fallon’s character, Stillwater’s new band manager David Hope says (with reference to chasing the unknown), “As long as you can’t see what’s in this hand, you’ll always want it.” I don’t know why, but it struck a chord with me. Something for me to think about, I’m sure.

Almost Famous Poster from IMDB

Source: IMDB

It’s been a lovely week, and hopefully I’ll get to watch more musicals later this week. Do you like musicals?


4 thoughts on “My week in musicals: ‘Across the Universe’ and ‘Almost Famous’

  1. Katie Writes Stuff says:

    Firstly, hello! I’m so glad I found your blog – you write so well and I love a good retro vibe.

    Secondly, I love musicals. They’re just so much fun, aren’t they? I must admit, I have a particular fondness for Gilbert and Sullivan, mostly because I was in the orchestra for Pirates of Penzance in my last year of secondary school. There’s just something enjoyable about people randomly bursting into song and dance – some people might think it’s silly, but I love it.


    • alexiericrac says:

      Hello and welcome, I’m so glad to have you here!
      Thank you Katie for your lovely comments 🙂

      Musicals sure are fun, absolutely, as is breaking out into song and dance randomly. I’ll be honest and admit I’ve not ever seen Pirates of Penzance, nor can I recall seeing anything of Gilbert and Sullivan’s works. I do think I need to rectify that though as I know that I’ve always wanted to see Pirates… and HMS Pinafore.


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