Summer's here, let's play!

Shopping: New Year’s Day Finds

And just like that, it’s 2015! Happy New Year to you all. I hope however you marked the occasion was just as you planned. We aren’t really into celebrating New Year, so we stayed in watching Across the Universe eating home made pizza and garlic bread, and were in bed just after 23:30. We heard loads of fireworks (official and crackers being let off in residential areas nearby) ring in the year, and dozed off soon after that.

My phone rang yesterday morning sometime after 10:00. I’d just woken thankfully before it rang, but my dad still felt bad when he could hear that just woken up sound coming from me. During our conversation, he informed me that he’d gone and purchased a Slip n Slide and a poolfor the kids everyone to keep cool tomorrow at my mum’s family’s Christmas celebrations. One thing I love about Christmas in our place is that it’s seriously relaxed and spread out. Of course, upon hearing the word ‘pool’ my first thought went directly to needing a new swimsuit. We breezed through the conversation, all the while wishing I had have ordered an Esther Williams suit a few weeks ago, but also thinking of what suits I could find locally.
What does a girl of the modern world do? She quickly scours the internet to see what stores nearby have some nice looking swimsuits whilst still lounging in bed. Thank you twenty-first century technology. With a few ideas in mind, we got ready and headed to our nearest shopping centre. If there is ever a day to go shopping while the summer holidays are here, it’s definitely New Year’s Day. People of Melbourne are either nursing sore heads, having New Year’s Day barbeques, or reveling at music festivals. Shopping they are not.

As I’ve gained about four kilograms during 2014, I was dreading the whole swimsuit shopping experience. We sauntered into Target, and like all good merchandising and marketing teams would do, women’s swimwear was right in front. Although I had an idea in my head of what I wanted, I still took my time to absorb the garments adorning the racks. The Mister helped me find my sizes in three different suits, and off to the change room I went. Two were a bit on the small side (this one and this one), and I couldn’t be bothered sending The Mister back to the racks for the next size up, but the other was a perfect fit. Tomorrow I think I’ll find a lovely kimono or kaftan to help keep the rays at bay whilst I run around my parents’ back yard with my little cousins.

Later in the week, I’ll review and show these products in use, so stay tuned.

Summer's here, let's play!

Top – Bottom, L-R
Piping Hot Men’s Board Short – Scollapono from Target Australia, $20
Women’s Tropical Print Dress from K-mart Australia, $15
Women’s 3 pack Hipster Boyleg Briefs from K-mart Australia, $9
Women’s Check Pyjama Shorts from K-mart Australia, $3.50
Women’s Shape Your Body Retro One Piece Swimsuit in Black from Target Australia, $49


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