What to wear: Black Tie Wedding

Recently, we received an invitation to a Black Tie Wedding. It’s a family wedding, so I couldn’t wear just any old thing, nor did I have anything suitable in my wardrobe for such an event.

Here in Australia, it’s summer from December through to February. While I dreamed of a beautiful floor length gown with a vintage fur (or faux if I couldn’t find one in budget) and gloves, I knew it was just not practical. I did Google to see the parameters for modern day Black Tie standards, and found that cocktail gowns are deemed appropriate. I found the perfect dress (see Black Tie Wedding: The Winter Edition for styling) but as it was on its way to me I realised I ordered a size up from my regular size. Bother! It was well too big, and just as well because it was fully lined and velvet – not ideal for a summer day!

An agonising process, I waited a little longer before placing an order at ModCloth on Cyber Monday. I’d been hoping the dress I was eyeing off would be a Black Friday special but alas it was not. Thank goodness for Cyber Monday – although we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia, I know I sure am thankful for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. The dress arrived to me a few days ago, and although it runs a little big around the waist, it fits quite well everywhere else. I sourced the perfect shoes (pictured) and think I’ve found accessories for my outfit, but need to put everything together so that hopefully it will turn out a little like what you see below in Black Tie Wedding: The Summer Edition.

Black Tie Wedding: The Winter Edition
Black Tie Wedding: The Summer Edition

I’m looking forward to the self pampering that will happen between now and 18 January, as well as doing my hair and make up, and painting my nails! I haven’t done that in a long time.

Do you have any special events in 2015? Share them here with me, I love a great party!


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